Computer Instructor


MIU was founded in 1996. Since then it has become one of the leading private universities in Egypt. MIU takes pride in providing the Egyptian market with high-caliber graduates and potential future leaders. To fulfill this mission, MIU provides the opportunity for candidates who find that they meet the different job requirements. If you seek to develop your career path and wish to join a highly competitive as well as cooperative work environment feel free to apply.


Main Job Purpose

Computer instructors are responsible for training students on the correct and effective use of various computer programs or systems used for business or personal use. This career requires a combination of computer skills plus excellent communication skills and people skills to help those that have little or no computer experience learn how to use the various programs. Most computer instructors offer training on basic programs for business such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and even some basic graphic design or web page design. Generally classes are offered based on the needs of the students, which may mean having several different levels from basics to advanced.




  • Develop structured lessons to increase the student’s ability to use the various programs and computer systems.
  • Meet with managers to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of the work.
  • Research, learn and work with the various new programs on the market that be requested in training.
  • Get feedback and modify programs.
  • Support students that have taken the program but are having difficulty with some aspect of the training.
  • Promote safe, effective, and ethical learning environment.
  • Use professional discretion and judgment in managing students in classroom setting.


– Education: Bachelor degree

– Languages: English – Arabic

– Computer skills: Basic computer knowledge of software, MS Office, Google apps and assist program students with program presentation.